fluxgain Like on Wordpress.com

Using the standard share button functionality within WordPress.com a fluxgain Like button for salesforce chatter can be created.

At the bottom of this post next to the other share buttons you will also see the fluxgain Like button.

We will create a follow up post to show how it was done.


How to Create Your Own Custom Social Media Icons Widget

Just gone through this exercise with the salesforce chatter like button and other social buttons. Noticed this blog post which covers the steps for creating custom social buttons.

WordPress 101

WordPress.com’s functionality is awesome for getting a blog up and running quickly, but sometimes simply displaying a row of social media icons on your site can be a challenge. My free theme, Fresh & Clean (now retired), didn’t include any icon placements that i could take advantage of, beyond using the default Twitter feed and Facebook Like Box widgets. Here’s how you can get around this and create a selection of icons customized for your personal social media presence. (This post is directed towards WordPress.com users, as WordPress.org users have access to a multitude of plugins to serve this purpose. However, the method outlined in step #3 below could also be implemented on your WP.org site if you’re feeling frisky.)

Book Worm Laser & Design / Foter.com / CC BY

The 3 Best Methods

  1. Use an appropriate theme.
    The easiest way to implement social media icons is to find a…

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fluxgain like button for salesforce chatter on wordpress.com

salesforce chatter likes for wordpress.com

Following up on our blog salesforce chatter like button for wordpress which can be found on our main fluxgain site, we thought about seeing how easy it was to set this up on wordpress.com itself. Hence why we created this wordpress.com site to show how this can be done.

The blog salesforce chatter like button for wordpress focuses on customising a self hosted installation of wordpress where you can install your own custom shortcodes and widgets to create the fluxgain Like button for salesforce chatter. While wordpress.com does not provide this capability it does include a way to add custom like buttons which this blog will cover.  The key difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org can be found at wordpress.com.

If you look at the bottom of this blog you will see two custom like buttons showing how to invoke fluxgain Like to create a salesforce chatter like. The like buttons show it can be styled differently.

Set up instructions

Going through the following steps we can quickly create a salesforce chatter like button for wordpress.com without requiring any coding

  1. Find an icon for the like button
  2. Create the like button
  3. Choose how to use it
  4. See it in action

Find an icon for the like button

First find a icon to use for the like button and save it into your wordpress media library. The icon must be 16 pixels by 16 pixels.


We will use the above fluxgain Like icon to do this, please feel free to load this to your wordpress media library to use. Please don’t hot link to this specific image as its url may change in the future.

First download your icon to your local file directory then uploaded the icon into the wordpress media library. This is done in the wordpress administration area by clicking on “Media” then “Add New” then following the instructions.

The url of the image will be needed in the next step, this can be found by going to “Media” then “Library”,  then (depending on browser) right click the image to get the image url. Paste the url into a new browser window to check just the image is being referred to.

Create the Like button

Next create the like button within the wordpress administration screens

  • Click “Setting” then “Share”
  • Scroll down to “Share Buttons”  then “Available Services” then click on “Add New Service”

Fill out the following details, using the icon image url that you created in the previous step.

Service Name – fluxgain Like

Sharing URL – https://chatter.fluxgainlike.com/like?title=%post_title%&url=%post_url%

Icon URL –  <use the url of the 16 x 16 icon you saved in the media library>

Wordpress.com adding a new share/like service

WordPress.com adding a new share/like service

Choose how to use it

Now drag the new like button you created from the “Available Services” area to the “Enabled Services” area (don’t worry what it looks like in the Live Preview Area)

Also ensure that “Opens Link In” is set to “New Window” or the fluxgain Like button will always prompt to close the window when processing has finished.

Optionally configure the other values to display how and where you want the share/like buttons to appear within your blog

Finally click on the “Save Changes” button

See it in action

fluxgain like button for salesforce chatter on wordpress.com

fluxgain like button for salesforce chatter on wordpress.com

Now visit a post to see the fluxgain Like button and try it out.

Two like buttons have been created at the bottom of this blog to show how it can be styled differently with different icons and text. To do this the “Service Name” and “Icon URL” in the “Create the Like button” step are changed to accomplish this.

Please leave a reply telling us where you have installed it!